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Unique Advantages of Togen Aluminum Composite Panel


Togen aluminum composite panels are lightweight cladding panels ideal for external facades and fasciae. Specialized in architectural materials for nearly 20 years, aluminum composite panel is one of the products Togen offers to the end user. As a company whose prerequisite is customer satisfaction, Togen seeks to offer their panels of high quality with cutting-edge technology and the best service.

Advantages of Togen Aluminum Composite Panel

1. Environmental-friendliness

Aluminum is 100% recyclable and uses only 5% of the energy used to make the original product. As the most abundant, naturally occurring metal in the earth’s crust, aluminum is much easier to obtain than many other materials.

Unlike natural stones like granite, which can never be restored or recycled when it no longer remains intact, aluminum is flexible and can always be reforged even when it is damaged by some external force.

If the customers prefer non-metallic finishing, Togen aluminum composite panels are still eligible to meet their demands. With excellent PVDF coating technique, aluminum composite panels with a wide variety of surface texture are available in Togen for customers to put an order. The stone finishing aluminum façade, for example, is so vividly designed that you won’t be able to recognize it is made from metal instead of stone until you get closer and touch it in person!

Stone finishing aluminum composite panels

Stone finishing aluminum composite panels

2. Low maintenance costs & good durability

Aluminum naturally generates a protective thin oxide coating which keeps the metal from making further contact with the environment. To further strengthen the durability, Togen aluminum building products are made from alloys that are weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance over a very long lifetime.

To reinforce the oxide coating, Togen would have the aluminum panels immersed in acid and alkaline liquor in the passivation process. Rinsing with water is required between each step to avoid disturbing the forming of oxide coat due to neutralization. This makes Togen aluminum composite panel stronger and more compact, thus relieving the burden of daily maintenance to some extent.

The passivation processThe passivation process

3. Ease of installation

Aluminum is a very light metal with a specific weight of 2.7 g/cm3, about a third of that of steel, which makes it cheaper and easier to transport and handle on site. Lightweight aluminum composite panels can be installed much quicker than traditional heavy systems like brick stone, granite, and marble.

Togen provides instructions to the installation of aluminum façade to customers, including video and notes. In general, the system is simple and can be installed by many different trades. Also, it can be installed year-round in all weather conditions because the installation does not need mortar—the panels are installed one by one in the keel with screws and sealant. This makes the replacement of single damaged panel easier as well, without the need of removing the whole system.

Project reference: Ordos Library

Project reference: Ordos Library

4. Complete service of customization

Aluminum’s combination of properties mean that it can be easily shaped by any of the main industrial metalworking processes, including rolling, extrusion, forging and casting, guaranteeing virtually unlimited design potential. It can also be easily colored, and holds paint extremely well. Aluminum can be finished in various ways.

Togen aluminum composite panels are made from metal but more than being metal. With cutting-edge PVDF coating technique, Togen has managed to present stone-finishing, woodgrain-finishing, brush-finishing, concrete-finishing, metal-finishing, etc. aluminum composite panels to their customers. You name it, and Togen is able to fulfill almost all your demand with technical savvy.

Part of the customized aluminum composite panels

Part of the customized aluminum composite panels

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