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The Application of Aluminum Perforated Panel on Building Sunscreen


Aluminum perforated panel is a sheet product that has been punched with a wide variety of hole sizes and patterns providing an aesthetic appeal. While aluminum perforated panel is commonly used in interior and exterior design, building sunscreen is one of the most popular places it is applied.

How perforated aluminum sunscreen works

Perforated aluminum cladding can assist in providing sun protection. Usually, it is placed in front of glass, acting as an effective barrier for areas against strong sunlight. The amount of sunlight filtering through can be controlled using perforations with different percentage of open-area. A range of different materials and perforation types are available in perforated aluminum cladding. In the project below, architect applied aluminum material with hexagonal perforations to provide an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional design.

Why choose perforated aluminum sunscreen

With a high strength-to-weight ratio and resistant to aging even after long-term sun exposure, perforated aluminum panel is widely used in the exterior sun control system. For such purposes, the product allows people to enjoy a comfortable living environment without blocking the sunlight, while refreshing the air and adjusting the temperature. Besides, the adoption also adds vitality to the exterior building walls as perforated aluminum sunscreen can be an integral part of a building—enhancing efficiency and aesthetics.

Below are some more advantages of the perforated aluminum panel.

  • Ease the pressure of enclosed spaces.
  • Opening your field of vision.
  • Use natural light wisely for energy saving.
  • Resistant to corrosion, free maintenance.
  • Various hole patterns, panel sizes & coatings.
  • Easy and cost-effective installation.

The installation of perforated aluminum sunscreen

An aluminum panel mainly consists of cover panel and screws evenly distributed in its four sides. How to install perforated aluminum sunscreen depends on whether the panels used are with bending edges or not.

Aluminum perforated panel without bending edges can be installed by being fixed to a frame and then connected to form the structure. With bending edges, the panels will be fixed with screws through the hangers to the transom. The installation of perforated aluminum sunscreen is relatively easy and consistent; however, the shape and pattern can be customized to promote the presentation of different styles of buildings. With strong service support and superb expertise, you will surely find the best aluminum perforated panels you want in Togen Building Products.

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