Glass facade reaching final floors atop 74 Trinity Place, in The Financial District


Work on the reflective exterior glass curtain wall of 74 Trinity Place is now less than ten floors away from reaching the tower’s 424-foot tall roof parapet. Now topped-out 26 stories above the Financial District.

Recent photos show the progress on the 310,000-square foot skyscraper.

The first five floors will contain the Trinity Church Parish Center, a gymnasium, a music room, meeting rooms and program space. This will also include access to Trinity Church across the street via the pedestrian bridge on the third floor. Right now, the steel bridge has been temporarily closed until construction is finished. This will lead directly to the back entrance of Trinity Church.

Offices inside the building will be located on the sixth and eighth floors. Tenants will move in this October. Meanwhile, Trinity Church is simultaneously undergoing a two-year renovation process of the historic interiors. It will most likely finish around the same time 74 Trinity Place is complete.

Full completion of 74 Trinity Place is expected sometime by the end of 2019, to early 2020 at the very latest.

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