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First Sight Bookstore of Pingjiang Wonder


The building sits in the core area of the flourishing new town of Pingjiang, Suzhou. For the city, the building will be an exclusive experience center and a remarkable bookstore. But to the architects, being both a splendid city landmark and modest humanistic site has characterized the building to be the carrier of conflicts and contradictions.

Rounds of negations directed us to shape it like a delicately-cut crystal, which is solid, soothing and strong. Dividing the building horizontally into 2 parts, we faceted the upper part and battered the sliced facades by a vertical angle of 4-6 degrees toward the sky, while we make the lower part open and transparent and fit it into human scale for better integration into the streets. Thus, both parts can naturally merge into the different stages of development of the new town.

Although modernistic aesthetics favors complete glass curtain walls, wouldn’t it be a lot more breathtaking if tints and shades of light flow above the surface of the building? The Rose Cut, one of the diamond faceting method in the Renaissance, inspired the combinations of inlaid triangles. The apexes of each triangle glass are tilted in with a specific angle, forming the slight ups and downs on the exterior and reflecting the daily and seasonal variations of the sunlight.

However, challenges arose during the construction of this specially designed curtain wall, for example, the stress problem of the apexes that increases the fragility of the glass, and the flattening of the large glass panels sized 5m*1.8m. After systematic research and close collaboration, the unique diamond-like exterior took shape eventually.

xiamen togen building products co. ltd., established in 2005, is one of the subsidiaries of togen group. we are dedicated to delivering one-stop solutions to various curtain wall and window materials.

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