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  • Togen 2018 Annual Party

    Last Friday evening, the annual party of  Xiamen Togen Building Products Company was held successfully for the celebration of the past fruitful 2018 and for the coming Chinese lunar new year 2019. After our General Manager Mrs. Maggie to give a toast, all company members had dinner feast togeth...

  • Pleasant Outing at Christmas

    The boundless sea, wind-moving stone, seafood feast, Togen' team appeared on the beautiful Dongshan Island. Here, we had 2-day relax outing, to increasing communication between team members, strengthening corporate culture and enhancing the sense of belonging.  Running and chasing on the beach,...

  • Birthday Gatherings

    Birthday Gatherings——2018.4.28 On the last working day of every  month, Xiamen Togen Building Products Co., Ltd. will host a birthday party. The Personnel Manager will prepare a gift for birthday employees. We light the candles on the cake and sing the birthday song all together. And then,we en...

  • Annual Meeting

    On January 5th 2018,Xiamen Togen Building Products Co. Ltd. had a annual meeting at Hilton Hotel. It was a year-end party. Everyone dressed up beautifully to the party with smiling face. At first, department managers and the general manager had the year-end work summary and plan reports. Then we enj...

  • The Company Travel

    In order to enhance employees' sense of belonging and team awareness, and let employees relax after the intense work, the Xiamen Togen Building Products Co. Ltd. organized the activities of "five days travel in Taiwan". The process was happy and satisfactory, the relaxed environment enhanc...

  • Modern Process of Aluminum Profiles

    Aluminum Profile is a technique used to transform aluminum alloy into objects. It has a wide range of uses with a definitive cross-sectional profile. The extrusion process makes the most of aluminum’s unique combination of physical characteristics. The malleability allows aluminum profile&...

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xiamen togen building products co. ltd., established in 2005, is one of the subsidiaries of togen group. we are dedicated to delivering one-stop solutions to various curtain wall and window materials.

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