Terracotta cladding bricks, classic and expressive cladding material


As a classic and expressive cladding material, terracotta facing brick can achieve various visual effects through different brick finishes & textures, laying patterns, colors, cement joints as well as installation methods. It can not only be used on the low-rise building facades of different styles, but also indoor and outdoor areas as special decoration elements regardless whether for residential buildings or public constructions.

-Terracotta Facade Cladding bricks are environment-friendly, durable and excellent in physical properties. Some features are as follows:

1.Excellent resistance to freezing and thawing

When the water absorption rate reaches 10%, the Terracotta bricks freeze and thaw three times at -15°C, but the bricks can freeze and thawed 50 times at -45°C without appearing crack.

2.Good anti-light pollution performance

Terracotta Brick has a good effect on protecting the human vision and reducing light pollution.

3.Good Sound Absorption

Terracotta Brick is an excellent material to create a good living environment for the city by the open pores containing a large amount of uniform fine honey, which can refract all or part of the sound waves, reduce the noise and eliminate the echo effect.

4.Good air permeability and water permeability

The superiority of breathable and water-permeable bricks is fully demonstrated in today's green civilization.

5.Good resistance to weathering and corrosion

Terracotta clays are more resistant to alkali corrosion than other materials.

-Dimensions for Terracotta Clay Facing Bricks:




(Note: length, width and thickness shall be proportional.

Bricks for corner and windowsill are available for each series.

-Terracotta Curtain Wall Bricks Application:

Terracotta Curtain Wall Bricks Application

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