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Aluminum Mesh Harmonized with Glass Curtain Wall


Being a new product for Facade Decoration, Aluminum Mesh creats its own feature to harmonized with glass curtain wall, which we worked together with famous Singapore Architect RMDA Architect and Meinhardt Facade Technology in Mariano K.Tan Center project in Manila, Philippines.

In this project, architect specified 3mm thk Aluminum Mesh with 10mm wide strand, and install at vertical direction to be the second skin of whole facade outside glass curtain, which can help that to be invisble from outside. By choosing shiny golden color, the facade wall became flashing and charming, with classic beauty.

Aluminum mesh can be with frame or without frame, in this project we supplied it with frame and frame was also customized by client. Whole project is 2500m2, lead time was 4 weeks only.

By using powder coating material from Akzo Nobel we provided 10 years warranty for this project. If other requirements we can match as well.

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