A 490-foot high “cucumber” is coming to Paddington


Westminster council has approved planning application for a 42-storey residential tower that has already been nicknamed the “cucumber”.

What is officially called “1 Merchant Square” comprises a 42 storey building with 271 residential flats. A publicly accessible Skybar is also planned for the top two floors of the tower.

Along with a wholly redesigned’ 21-storey sister building, the tower and its neighbour will contain 426 flats.

It was originally given consent eight years ago, but he developers have made changes and needed fresh planning approval. The main change being the removal of a planned hotel so that more flats can be fitted in.

The 490 ft-tall tower will be covered in “dark blue glazed terracotta panel cladding”, which if nothing else, helps to avoid the solar glare reflecting into the nearby homes on sunny days (Shard passim).

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