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18mm Red Groove Sruface Terrocotta Curtain Panels

Togen provides you with the best quality terracotta panel curtain wall. The terracotta panel is made of natural clay and has excellent fire resistance.
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    Shipped in 30-45 days after payment
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    Xiamen, Or As Your Require.
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    T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, Money Gram
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    20.43-22.79/Square Meters$
  • color:

    White/Blue/Red/Yellow/ Grey/Dark/Customized Design
  • MOQ:

    300 Square Meters
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 18mm Red Groove Sruface Terrocotta Curtain Panels
Color: Red and customized
Thickness: 18mm and customized
Width: 100mm-1000mm, customized
Length:300-1500 mm, as your requirement
Warranty: 20 Years
Service: Installation detailed design by Togen
Terracotta products are supplied with installation frames and accessories.

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  Color Chart

Togen terracotta panels have a lot of colors to choose from, which can meet various needs of modern architecture. The elegant and reserved luster enriches the artistic odor.

colorful terracotta panels

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  Project Reference

terracotta project

   Terracotta Product Technical Parameter

Performance Technical Performance of Terracotta Products GB EN14411
Indicators 306*F18 WHITE 306*F18 GRAY 310*F30 YELLOW
Terracotta Panels Terracotta Panels Terracotta Panels
Water Absorption 1.10% 1.40% 2.34% (I)3%-6% (II)6%-10% (I)3%-6% (II)6%-10%
Dry Weight 31kg/m2 31kg/m2 41kg/m2 / /
Frost Resistance No damage after 100 No damage after 100 freeze-thaw cycles No damage after 100 freeze-thaw cycles Tested value of Tested value of
freeze-thaw cycles the report the report
Damage Strength 4966N 4779N 8722N ≥750N ≥750N
Rupture Modulus Avg: 97MPa Avg: 59.36MPa Avg: 92.43MPa Avg: ≥9MPa Avg: ≥9MPa
Min: 86MPa Min: ≥50MPa Min: 80MPa Single Single
Value:≥ 8MPa Value:≥ 8MPa
Poisson's Ratio 0.16 0.16 0.16 / /
Modulus of Elasticity 44GPa 34GPa 34GPa / /
Fire Resistance Level A1 Level A1 Level A1 / /
Resistance to Level ULA Level ULA Level ULA Tested value of Tested value of
Acid&Alkali the report the report
Radioactivity Class-A decorative Class-A decorative Class-A decorative / /
material material material
Earthquake Over 10 degrees Over 10 degrees Over 10 degrees / /
Test under Simulated No breakage under 11kPa No breakage under 119kPa No breakage under 11kPa / /
Wind Load
Sound Insulation Noise reduction by over 9dB Noise reduction by over 9dB Noise reduction by over 9dB / /
Heat Conductivity 0.31w/m.k 0.31w/m.k 0.41w/m.k / /
Thermal Shock No cracks No cracks No cracks Tested value of Tested value of
Resistance the report the report
Fouling Resistance Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 at least Level 2 at least
Impact Resistance 0.78 0.78 0.78 Tested value of Tested value of
the report the report
Linear Coefficient of 5.2×10-6 °C -1 5.2×10-6 °C -1 5.2×10-6 °C -1 Tested value of Tested value of
Thermal Expansion the report the report

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