To create a safe, comfortable, beautiful and sustainable life space.

About us
Xiamen Togen Building Products Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Togen Building Products Co. Ltd., established in 2005, is one of the subsidiaries of TOGEN Group. We are dedicated to delivering one-stop solutions to various Curtain Wall and Window materials.

We have achieved the leading advantages by implementing the strategies. Firstly, supplying to clients with cost-saving and reliable quality products; Secondly, satisfying clients with integrated different product solutions; Thirdly, providing clients with one-stop and differentiated good services, including detailed design, material solution consultancy, supply chain management, quality control and financial support; Lastly, always being innovative with technology and management.

We take pride of our motivated and professional team who is furnished with knowledge and experience of international quality and service requirements by serving 1100+ overseas projects and 3000+ international clients, including international top contractors, consultants, architects and developers.
We place high importance on continuous enhancement of the client-oriented corporate culture, well trained human resources and intelligent systematic management. We aim to achieve mutual success and development with esteemed clients.

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Xiamen Togen Building Products Co., Ltd.

Our Mission: 
· To create a safe, comfortable, beautiful and sustainable life space    
Our Core Value:

· To be customer oriented and always highly value our customer needs
· To be faithful to commitments    
· To place great emphasis on coordination and details
· To be open to any suggestions and committed to solve the problem
· To regard change as an opportunity rather than a threat
· To be motivated, filled with positive energy and pass that to others
· To always focus on the goal and plan accordingly and feasibly and take fastest action

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We are dedicated to delivering one-stop solutions to various curtain wall and window materials.

  • Terracotta facade
    Terracotta facade

    Terracotta panel includes 18 mm thickness terracotta panel, 30 mm thickness terracotta panel, terracotta louver, 3D printing terracotta  panel, and special shape terracotta. The color, size, shape can be customized. Terracotta panel is applied on both exterior and interior decoration, including curtain wall, skylight, ceiling, sunscreen, balustrade, and interior wall decoration, etc.

  • Architectural Aluminum
    Architectural Aluminum

    Architectural aluminum includes aluminum perforated panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum solid panel, coating aluminum panel,aluminum mesh, and aluminum profile. Architectural aluminum is not only widely used in all kinds of exterior wall of the building, it is applied to various kinds of function rooms, such as telecommunication room, TV studio, airports, airports, railway stations, high-speed, subway gymnasium museum hotel, shopping malls and other external decoration.

  • Architectural Glass
    Architectural Glass

    Togen architectural glass includes jumbo laminated glass, curved tempered glass, digital printing glass, low-e insulated glass and ceramic frit glass. All the architectural glass can be customized in color, size, and glass combination. The architectural glass mainly used in office, shopping mall, hotels, resorts, apartment airport subway and hospital.

  • Architectural Hardware
    Architectural Hardware

    Architectural hardware include stainless steel glass railing series, shower enclosure fitting and glass wall fittings. Railing series apply to balcony, glass railing, shopping malls, airports and other public venues. Shower enclosure is used in bathroom. Glass Wall Fittings apply to building facade,curtain wall.

Our Services
  • Design

    ·Material solution consultancy

    ·Technical support

    ·Sample supply for selection

    ·Cost estimation 

  • Tender
    · Detailed design
    · Quantity survey
    · Cost estimation
    · Product proposal
    · Technical data

  • Construction
    · Fabrication drawing checking

    · Fabrication list checking                

    · Order tracking 

    · Order summary & analysis
    · 3rd Party quality control

  • Supply
    · Different product shipment integration planning & Implement                
    · Door-to-door logistics Service
    · Delivery data summary & Cross checking
    · On-line & Instant order tracking
    · Financial support 

  • After-sales
    · Rapid Response
    · Traceable quality records
    · Traceable order records
    · Quick action to NCR claim 

  • Clients Benefits
    Clients Benefits
    · Product Optimization
    · Cost Saving
    · Quality Guarantee 
    · Fast Delivery   

Project Reference

We take pride of our motivated and professional team by serving 1500+ overseas projects.


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  • Togen 2018 Annual Party
    Togen 2018 Annual Party 30 Jan,2019

    Last Friday evening, the annual party of  Xiamen Togen Building Products Company was held successfully for the celebration of the past fruitful 2

  • Pleasant Outing at Christmas
    Pleasant Outing at Christmas 27 Dec,2018

    The boundless sea, wind-moving stone, seafood feast, Togen' team appeared on the beautiful Dongshan Island. Here, we had 2-day relax outing, to increa

xiamen togen building products co. ltd., established in 2005, is one of the subsidiaries of togen group. we are dedicated to delivering one-stop solutions to various curtain wall and window materials.

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